Who’s Asking

A game show format in which the ‘every man’ on the street poses questions to three contestants going head to head in a studio to earn money and ultimately advance to the final round to win a grand prize. Faces of members of the general public spin around the studio on screen and the contestants are asked to select who they’d like to be asked a question by. A short VT of the ‘asker’ introducing themselves will play and based on this the contestant decides how much money they will bet on being able to answer their question correctly. If they answer the question correctly, the contestant can bank the money. The player with the least money banked at the end of round one is eliminated, and the remaining two players will move on to the second round in which the monetary stakes are raised.  In the second round, the contestants select the ‘asker’ for their opponent. The winner of this round advances to the final round in which they will face a pyramid of celebrity ‘askers’. Should they survive eight rounds of questions from these celebrities and make it to the top of the pyramid, they will win the grand prize.

Produced in Israel, Switzerland, Greece, India, Thailand, Hungary, Estonia.

Distributed by Armoza Formats

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