Herzelia Studios (United Studios Ltd.) is the biggest production house in Israel and one of the key content providers on the local TV market.

1949 – The founding of the United Studios – an important landmark in the development of the Israeli television and film industry.
The Israeli television industry currently comprises dozens of broadcast entities and thousands of workers. However, in the 50’s and 60’s, the industry began and ended with one woman only, Margot Klausner. Mrs. Klausner founded the United Studios in 1949, hoping that one day the new state of Israel would become a communications enterprise.
Financial considerations played no part in this enthusiastic, pioneering initiative. No one tried to figure out how profitable this enterprise would be in a small country, with no infrastructure or equipment and with such an inexperienced staff compared with the experience and finances of similar international companies.
Despite the countless difficulties and obstacles, Mrs. Margot Klausner managed to turn her vision into a reality, and for 20 years, until her passing in 1975, she served as the chairman and acting president of the new studios.

During that period the studios produced over 1,000 documentary films, 850 daily advertising broadcasts, 390 daily news reels, 1,100 video productions for Israel television, 850 color satellite broadcasts to foreign countries, and no less than 100 different feature films.

Most of the Israeli film industry’s important movies were made at Margot Klausner’s United Studios, including “The Big Dig,” “Kuni Lemel,” “Hole in the Moon,” “Officer Azulai,” “I Love Rosa,” “Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer,” “Peeping Toms,” “The Band” and many more.