Yonni is a gifted basketball player but a very mediocre student. By chance he joins the Olympus boarding school for gifted students. He’s not really into studying and prefers to spend his time having fun, hanging out with girls, and playing basketball. However, during his time at Olympus he realizes that the people he’s met are going to become his best friends for life.

Night Owl

Israel’s first late night hosted by Tal Berman and his sidekick Ran Telem.
The show also features a Roei Levy as a roving reporter, and memorable segments such as Ran’s guide to living and an animations series by Eyal B.


The masters of hidden camera and pranks take it to the next level with a new celebrity pranking show Ambush. Airing on Channel 10 prime time, Ambush takes TV mischief to the extreme with elaborate, scary, crazy, intense pranks on some of Israel’s most famous people.


A satirical entertainment show – a combination of a talk show and a sitcom.
Shultz is an aging man who is a former second director assistant in the Israeli entertainment industry. He’s sure his glory days are still ahead of him, so he decides to start a coaching clinic for entertainers.

Maybe This Time

“Maybe this time” is a witty, sexy bitter-sweet look at the current dating scene in the big city, as seen through the eyes of 8 singles. Over the course of 100 episodes, this engaging and fast-paced series follows the characters’ journey to find themselves an object of affection.

Big Deal

If they unlock the cage, they can take whatever they want. Some prizes you can grab and run with…others won’t be given up so easily. Every correct answer earns time in the cage. The catch – the cage raider must leave the cage before the door slams shut.

Dangerous Relations

A late night weekly program hosted by Dana Modan. A variety of Israeli celebrities visited Dana, and chatted with her in her living room about various aspects of human sexuality. The guests shared their experiences ranging from one night stands, masturbation, positions, betrayal, turn-ons and turn offs, impotence, and, of course, romance.

Deal With It!

A hidden camera game show in which unsuspecting people at a restaurant are asked on the spot to participate in a game for a chance to win a cash prize. All they have to do is… exactly what they hosts tell them to do – however weird, funny, or crazy it may be – without losing their cool, quitting, and most importantly – without being found out by the person they are with.