The Parents

An adaptation of the Canadian format “Les Parents”. The series follows the Shalev family – mom Anat, dad Yair and their three children – Daniel, who is in the midst of adolescence, Omri, who is about to hit puberty, and pre-pubescent Yahli.


A satirical sitcom that revolves around the world of politics. Robbie Polishuk is an anonymous politician that his day consists of pointless meetings, signing unimportant papers and watching the view of the parliament from his office window.

Maybe This Time

“Maybe this time” is a witty, sexy bitter-sweet look at the current dating scene in the big city, as seen through the eyes of 8 singles. Over the course of 100 episodes, this engaging and fast-paced series follows the characters’ journey to find themselves an object of affection.

Light and Truth

Light and Truth (Urim Ve’tumim) is a drama-noir series that takes place in Har Zur, a fictional high school Yeshiva (a Yeshiva is an institution in classical Judaism for the study of its traditional, central texts). The elitist and highly demanding Yeshiva takes pride in raising the next generation of bright students in the Jewish Zionist world.

Pillars of Smoke

If they unlock the cage, they can take whatever they want. Some prizes you can grab and run with…others won’t be given up so easily. Every correct answer earns time in the cage. The catch – the cage raider must leave the cage before the door slams shut.