A Family and a Half

A series based on the life of best-selling author Galila Ron-Fedder as foster mother.
Produced for: Channel 2, Reshet
Episodes: 83 x 24 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

In the series, Duvik and Tami Dagan, who had raised two successful children, decide one day to adopt two teenagers who were raised in foster homes.
Itzik and Sivan join the Dagan family and their presence brings complicated and emotionally-charged situations. The family’s daily life is disrupted and its members now have to deal with new and tough dilemmas. For example, drugs, juvenile delinquency, school, abortion etc. These dilemmas are handled in a very moral way, though very relevant to today’s youth.
About the author and writer: Galila Ron-Fedder has written numours best-selling book that have been translated to English, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. She has written two feature film scripts, and several TV series.

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