In an ever growing environment of new technologies, cross-platform content and innovative ways to pass on your ideas, post production has become a bigger and much more important part of storytelling. Today post production has become an integral part of the production process from day 1. We, at the United Studios understand that:

  • Our post production division can provide solutions and creative consultancy from the first moment of filming. Whether it’s on set or on location, our team can meet all your needs and requirements.
  • Our post production division is a One-Stop-Shop for all your post production needs, in SD, HD and for the new media market.Our studios are equipped with more than 25 Avid Media Composer Editing suites that can function both as offline or online workstations, connected to a large shared storage server, capable of providing a shared editing environment for dramas, studio productions, reality television etc.
  • For all your HD and SD finishing needs, our services include 3 sound recording and mixing rooms and for color correction, an Avid Symphony Nitris suite.
  • In studio productions, efficiency and speed are a necessity. Our post production facility can ingest feeds coming from all control rooms located on campus, receive and transmit live video feeds via our video hub, connected to all major local and international feeds.
  • Our team can provide you with on-location editing and post production solutions.We hold a broadcast quality standard converter, as well as all VTR models available in the market.
  • As the world progresses to tapeless technology, we established an array of solutions to all file based workflows, from archiving and cataloging of file-based acquisition, to conversion of all file formats, and prepping the material for distribution.
  • At the end of the process, we will pack your content in prestigious packaging and send your message to the world, in any format you choose.

For more info on our post production services, please contact:

Avihay Shectman

Head of Post Production services

Tel: 972-9-9595113